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Wheelchair accessible parking west side of building, north of entrance and the south parking lot across Pepper Street also has spaces. The parking garage east of the museum is available to guests on the weekend only.

Transportation Options

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We are located in Downtown Mesa where transportation options are Light Rail, the Downtown Buzz, local bus and Paratransit services.

Gallery Sensory Guides

Exploring our Galleries

Entering the museum

All visitors must check in at the front desk. If someone in your group has difficulty waiting in line, the person paying admission may do so while others in the group enjoy the interesting items in the lobby. Additionally,if helpful, you may choose to bring fidgets,music headphones,or a manipulative toy. More information here

Re-Entrance Policy

Keep your dated admission receipt. If you need or want to leave the museum and return, you can enter again on the same day by showing your receipt at the front desk.

Items not allowed in the galleries

Do not bring food or drink, including water bottles, into the galleries. Drinking fountains located throughout the museum. Also discouraged are items such as gum, markers, colored pencils, silly putty, and play dough.

Museum noise

For those sensitive to sound, consider bringing noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs.The front desk also has them available, first come, first served. Sensory guides are placed throughout the museum as a resource.

The location with highest sensory stimulation is Dino Mountain, especially during the thunderstorm that happens at 6 and 36 minutes after each hour. The jail cells and Lost Dutchman Mine are also loud and can be startling.

Quiet Areas

You can find quiet areas on each floor of the museum.  

Basement: Near the elevator and Collections Viewing Area.

Main floor: Southwest Cultures Gallery and the Mini Theater.

Second floor: Cultures of Ancient Americas gallery.  

Calmer times at the Museum

The busiest time is typically 10 A.M. until noon and we generally have less visitors from 2 P.M. until 5 P.M. Watch for scheduled Sensory Gentle Days on our website and social media. On these days the museum is opened an hour in advance of the general public, the exhibit sound effects are kept off and hands on opportunities are made available.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The entrance and every floor of the museum is wheelchair and stroller accessible. The elevator is located directly south of the main lobby. We have two wheelchairs available at the front desk available on a first come first served basis.

Exploration Station

In the Lower level the Exploration Station has hands on fun with activities and books about paleontology for our younger guests.

Other hands on areas

Dino Zone, Paleo Dig Pit, Panning for Gold Courtyard, territorial jail, and other interactive puzzles and activities throughout the museum. Volunteers man carts with interesting artifacts.   

Licensed, Certified support animals welcome.

IBCCES Autism Certified Museum.


Bathrooms are located on every floor of the museum. The automatic flush on the toilet can be loud. Child changing stations are in all public restrooms (both Men & Women) in the museum. Some are located in the handicap stalls.

Food Options

Food and drink are allowed in the Main Lobby but not encouraged. No food or drink is allowed in the galleries. Drinking fountains are available throughout the museum. The museum store does sell water and candy. When looking for a place for lunch, consider Pioneer Park. It is newly renovated with large ramadas and plenty of parking, only 1 mile directly east of the museum. 


Helpful links:

Resources Available to Visitors

Limited mobility: All entrances are accessible. Wheelchair parking is just north of the main entrance and in the south parking lot. AzMNH galleries are fully accessible. The elevator is directly south of the main lobby and the ramp behind Dino Mountain can also be used. Free manual wheelchair loans available on a first-come, first-served basis. Visitors are welcome to use their own mobility devices. Please note this does not include devices used strictly for recreational purposes.

Cognitive or sensory processing disabilities: Sensory Guides posted in galleries and online in order to plan your visit.  

Noise cancelling earphones: Available for checkout

Light sensitivity glasses: Available for checkout with ID

Open captioning of exhibition videos and audio description incorporated into some exhibitions.

Tactile elements are included throughout the museum. 

Memberships, discounted rates, grant funding, and passes

Museum Membership available. Membership includes unlimited visits for 1 year.

As part of the Museums for All initiative we have a discounted admission rate of $2 for EBT card holders.  

Senior rate is $10 per person. 

Children 2 and under are FREE.

Group discount available for 10 or more. Must submit a Group Booking Request form at least 1 week in advance and pay with one transaction. 

Non-profit special needs group discount available. Must submit a Group Booking Request form at least 1 week in advance and pay with one transaction.

Field trip discount rate is available for schools and homeschool groups with 10 or more people. Must submit a Group Booking Request form at least 1 week in advance and pay with one transaction.

Title 1 Schoolwide Programs may apply for a grant to supplement their admission rates. This is provided by the Museum Foundation and is subject to availability and verification.  

Museum Alarms

Some doors in the museum are emergency exits only and an alarm will go off if breached. Please keep your children within view.

Safety tip in case of separation

Consider taking a picture of your child the day of your trip for easy sharing and identification. Another idea is to give your child a sticker or a card with your contact cell phone number.

If your child should wander away from the exhibition area, the cell phone number will enable staff to be able to contact you immediately. Please keep the contact's cell phone ON.