Zuni Basin Paleontological Project

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Quarry operation at Zuniceratops site.


(left) Reconstructed skull of Zuniceratops.
(right) A humerus (upper arm bone) is unearthed at the quarry.

Museum Researchers: Principal Investigator Adjunct Curator Doug Wolfe
Location: Arizona / New Mexico Border
Age: Turonian, late Cretaceous, 90 million years before present
Geological Unit: Moreno Hills Formation, Dakota Sandstone, Mancos Shale
Discoveries Include: Zuniceratops, Nothronychus, coelurosaur, ornithopod, multituberculate mammal, crocodiles, several turtles, lizard, garfish, bowfin, petrified wood and other plant material, ammonites, and other marine invertebrates.
Comments: Rare examples of middle Cretaceous dinosaurs with other vertebrates. All new species of dinosaurs showing connections to Asian dinosaurs faunas.

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