Shellenberger Canyon Paleontological Project

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Museum Researchers: Principal Investigator Curator Dr. Robert McCord
Adjunct Curator Brian Curtice, Gavin McCullough, Greg Cranwell
Location: Southeast of Tucson
Age: Albian, early Cretaceous, 105 million years before present
Geological Unit: Shellenberger Canyon Formation
Discoveries Include: Sauropod, possible nodosaur, crocodile, turtles, clams and petrified wood.
Comments: The only terrestrial community of organisms known from the early Cretaceous of Arizona.

Publications from Shellenberger Canyon Paleontological Project 

2005 Cretaceous Vertebrates of Arizona.
Robert McCord and David Gillette. Vertebrate Paleontology of Arizona, Robert McCord ed. Mesa Southwest Museum Bulletin 11: 94-103.
2001 A Preliminary Report of New Fossils from the Schellenberger Canyon Formation (upper Cretaceous) of southern Arizona USA.
Gregory P. Cranwell. Mesa Southwest Museum Bulletin 8:61.


Dr. McCord and researcher Greg Cranwell display a coracoid and fibula of "Shelly," a sauropod dinosaur.


Dr. McCord and Cranwell examine bones from Shelly.