Phoenix Basin Ice Age

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Reconstruction of Pleistocene fossil horse.
Drawing by Gavin McCullough.

Museum Researchers: Various
Location: Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Peoria, Arizona
Age: Pleistocene, 1 million to 10,000 years old
Geological Unit: Unconsolidated Alluvium
Discoveries Include: Mammoth, camel, llama, pronghorn, horse, and tortoise.
Comments: Ice Age fossils occur at many localities in the Phoenix area. The museum excavations have included the well known Gilbert Mammoth and many firsts for Maricopa County. Firsts include: camels, the camel Camelops, the llama Hemiauchenia, and the pronghorn Stockoceros.

Publications from Phoenix Basin Ice Age

2006 Robert McCord and Gavin McCullough. The "Gilbert Mammoth" and Associated Fauna (abstract).
Proceedings of the Arizona Nevada Academy of Science 41:11.


Exposing the tusk of the "Gilbert Mammoth" in 2005.


The Gilbert Mammoth excavation crew attaches a plank of wood to bolster a mammoth tusk.


Reconstruction of Columbian Mammoth.
Drawing by Gavin McCullough.


Reconstruction of the fossil camel Hemiauchenia.
Drawing by Gavin McCullough.



Reconstruction of fossil four-pronged antelope Stockoceros.
Drawing by Gavin McCullough.


Fossil tortoise discovered in Mesa during an archaeological investigation in 2007.