Fort Crittendon Formation Paleontological Project

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The fauna of the Fort Crittenden Formation.



Museum Researchers: Principal Investigator Curator Dr. Robert McCord
Gavin McCullough
Location: Southeast Arizona
Age: Campanian, late Cretaceous, 75 million years before present
Geological Unit: Fort Crittenden Formation
Discoveries Include: Tyrannosaurs, titanosaurs, hadrosaurs, ceratopsians, crocodiles, a lizard, several types of turtles, garfish, bowfin, clams, snails, and petrified wood.
Comments: A wonderful glimpse of an ancient community in Arizona. Fossils from this site allow comparison to how southern Arizona was similar to and different from other sites in North America at this time.

Publications from Fort Crittenden Paleontological Project

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Fossil prospecting.


Writing field notes and recording location data.