Frequently Asked Field Trip Questions

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UPDATE March 15th, 2020: FIELD TRIPS ARE CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. If you have already booked a Field Trip that was scheduled before June 1st we will be contacting you directly.

If you have any questions please call our group booking office Monday-Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 480-644-3553 or email


How long do average field trip last?

Most school groups come for around 2 hours.

What are your hours of operation?
The Museum opening hours are 10am to 5pm. The Explore More program is held an hour before opening from 9am to 10am (Please see special criteria for Explore More Programs under Field Trips).

Is there a place to eat lunch?
We do not have a lunch facility and there is no food or drink allowed in the galleries beyond our water fountains. There is a city park ½ mile away with bus parking. Your confirmation packet will include a map that shows parking and nearby parks to picnic.

How far in advance do we need to book a field trip?
We do book up, so we recommend at least 2 weeks before your field trip. Please note that April and May are very busy.

Do teachers and chaperones pay admission?
Yes, admission is paid for all visitors attending the field trip.

Can field trips be paid by credit card over the phone?
No, credit card payments must be handled in person. Both credit card and credit card owner must be physically present at the time of use.

Can parents pay separately?
No, in order for the parents to receive the school field trip rate, payment must be included with the school payment. The contact teacher is responsible for gathering chaperone payment and totaling the head count.

Where do we drop the children off on arrival?
The students and chaperones are unloaded in the bus pull out on Pepper Street near the cross street of MacDonald. Your confirmation packet will contain a map

Where can the buses park?
Buses can park near the Museum and on site at Mesa Grande Cultural Park. Your confirmation packet will include a map that shows parking and nearby parks to picnic.

Can we use a Purchase Order?
Yes, please fax one ahead of time to 480 644 5110 and bring a copy the day of the field trip. Purchase orders are for admission only and cannot be used for Museum Store purchases.

What is the student to chaperone ratio?
The mandatory ratio is 1:10, however we strongly recommend 1:5.

Are there any educator resources?
Yes please visit the  For Educators page

How far is the Museum from Mesa Grande Cultural Park?
Around 3 miles. There is bus parking at both locations so transition time between the two is minimal

Any advice for the program at Mesa Grande?
This is an outdoor archaeological experience so please let your chaperones know to come in comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes. Also bring a water bottle

Is there additional charges for exhibits or activities in the museum?
No, your admission price includes all of our galleries and activities.

Do you ever do off site programs?
Yes, off site programs are $150 per hour. Educators bring artifacts, fossils and casts to interpret the prehistory of Arizona. Off sites are limited, please request at least 2 months prior to the program

Do we need to pay beforehand?
No, payment is taken care of on the day of the field trip.

For any further questions or to book your field trip please contact the group booking office at 480-644-3553, email or complete the Field Trip Booking Request form