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The Anthropology Section of the Arizona Museum of Natural History conducts research and develops exhibitions on Native American cultures and the archaeology of southern Arizona. Archaeology has been a major focus of the museum since its inception in 1977.

The Southwest Archaeology Team (SWAT), an award winning group of volunteers who make substantial contributions to the fields of archaeology and historic preservation, supports the anthropology program of the museum. Preservation and excavation work on the Mesa Grande platform mound is one of the most important tasks of the anthropology department. The opening of Mesa Grande as a heritage site dedicated to public education concerning the Hohokam and O'odham people remains a central goal of the museum.

The Anthropology Section web pages provide information on the site of Mesa Grande, the Southwest Archaeology Team and the museum's archaeological excavations conducted in the Mesa area.


Mesa Grande from the air, looking southeast.

SWAT volunteers working on the excavations at Mesa Grande.

SWAT volunteers preserving a room at Mesa Grande.