Exploration Station

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The Exploration Station is a hands-on space for our youngest visitors and their caregivers. The room is designed to encourage play, inquiry, creativity and family interactions to better support learning for children 6 and under.

The room is now open during standard museum hours. Please note that exceptions apply. Check the Event Calendar on our website to see when the room will need to be closed for special programming. Some items will have to be put away when we do not have Museum Volunteers to staff the room.

Design a Dino
Learn about adaptations by creating a new dinosaur. Guests can get creative by building or drawing a new prehistoric creature.

Nothronychus: Dino Nests
Play in the interactive diorama to learn more about Nothronychus. Imagine what these dinosaurs’ nests may have looked like by building one.

Reading Area
Enjoy one of our many natural history themed books. We offer a variety of fiction & nonfiction and options in English & Spanish. Inspired to read more? Stop by a Mesa Public Library location for even more options!

Paleontology Lab
Learn about paleontology by becoming a paleontologist. Study fossils using a variety of tools and guides. Compare your ideas with other paleontologists.

Reptiles of the Mesozoic Era
Learn the difference between dinosaurs, pterosaurs & marine reptiles. Play with dinosaur toys & puppets, fish for marine reptiles and search for pterosaurs.

Helpful Tips for Planning a Visit to the Exploration Station:

  • The room can get quite busy. To avoid crowds, we generally recommend visiting Tuesday-Friday afternoons (2pm - 5pm).
  • To find the Exploration Station, head downstairs to the bottom of Dino Mountain.
  • You can get downstairs 3 different ways.
  • Food & Beverages are not allowed in the room. Please feel free to snack in the Lobby before heading down.

If you enjoy your time, consider purchasing a Museum Membership. This will allow you to come back as often as you’d like for FREE for the year.

Every learner is unique and AzMNH recognizes that many children visit the Museum with different abilities, learning styles, subject knowledge, interests, cultural values, etc. The room is designed to offer a variety of ways to learn and engage with the materials. Continued efforts will be made to make the room as accessible as possible. 

Wondering what to expect?

Exploration Station