Paleontology Collections

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The collections are non-circulating, but available by appointment Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Active Excavation Sites

  • Fort Crittenden (snails, turtles, clams, early fish and dinosaur bones)
  • Payson (many bones of armor-plated fish)
  • Safford (giant capybara, horses, camels and a Glyptotherium)
  • Zuni Basin (several animals new to science including dinosaur Zuniceratops)
  • Moenkopi (trackways, amphibians and reptiles)
  • New Sauropod (partial skeleton of a sauropod)

Closed Site Collections

  • fossilSaint Johns (bone fragments and teeth of phytosaurs and metoposaurs)
  • Milk Creek (horse and camel bones and teeth)
  • Wikiup (bear and bird bones)


  • Nisbet Invertebrate Collection
  • Russian Dinosaur and Mammal-like Reptile Casts
  • Larry Marshall Marsupial Dentition Collection